Pricing + Services


Each business is unique and requires it's own set of back-office needs.  Our Accounting Dept. is there to cover you from routine bookkeepingto complex CFO reporting. 


Bookkeeping services 

— Let JMW financials take care of all your bookkeeping needs.  We will clean up your bookkeeping system for the current year and then maintain your business books going forward.  

Bill Pay/Invoicing

— Make sure bills get paid on time and income consistently comes in with on time invoicing. 

Budget Planning

— Business sustainability involves more than just "paying the bills".  JMW Financials will work with you on a one on one basis to come up with budgets and long term goals to get your business to that next level.


 — Part of being a business owner is submitting your taxes both yearly and quarterly. We will ensure that everything is filed correctly and on time. We will create all necessary reports and schedules for tax season, work with the you on any changes and then file all appropriate forms on your behalf.

New Business formation

 — Are you ready to take your business to that new level of being a Sole Proprietor to an LLC? Interested in what becoming an S-Corp means for you? Let JMW Financials set up your new business, register with all the applicable filing systems and maintain your new business file 

Sales and Use tax

— Sales and Use tax is our speciality (thanks to that job with the Department of Revenue!).  Take the guess work out of your Sales and Use tax payments and let JMW Financials manage it!


— We have working relationships with both ADP and PayChex.  Let us see what company works best for you and set up, maintain and submit your payroll. 

Quickbooks set-up and instruction

 — Not everyone needs a bookkeeper full time for their business.  But getting everything started and knowing how to navigate Quickbooks or any bookkeeping system can be a pain.  We will come in, set up your business bookkeeping system correctly and train you on how to successfully utilize it. From report running to daily maintenance. 

Month End Reporting Packages

— Let us compile your monthly financial reports every month, so you really know how your business is doing! We will put together Profit/Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Inventory Reports, Cash Flow Statements and more.  Stay on top of your business' financial health with complete knowledge of your financials.

Personal Financial Management

— Your personal finances are just like running a business and having a handle on them is just as important.  Here at JMW Financials, we will sit with you, analyze your spending habits, show you where your money is really going and help you set up a budget that will help you feel financially sound for years to come.